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Yunboshi Technology est primarium negotiis ipsum imperium humiditas in loco decem annorum siccatio technology progressus. Sustinentes autem factum est autem tempus investment et incrementum ejus uber auctus est. In comitatu est focused in progressionem investigationis suae humiditatis imperium range of technologiae ad fora in pharmaceutical: electronic: semiconductor et packaging.

Non enim credendum est investigatio sit sine termino et multi venerunt ad products offerre quae in foro est secundum necessitates nostras investigationes proprias. Nos non modo offerre vexillum sit amet, providere ut nostrum mos postulo ut verius test apparatu et products producere aliud pro applications.


Jin Song

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Jin Song was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer in 2014, bringing a varied 10-year background in technology and industrial management to the company, including operations, manufacturing, human resources, research, product development, organizational change and turn-around experience.

Mr. Jin Song began his career with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer. In 2015, he was elected President of Kunshan Cross-border E-commerce Association. Mr. Jin also earned the member of Education and Teaching Guidance Commission of Applied Technical School of Soochow University.


Shi Yelu

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Shi Yelu  has served as a Yunboshi Technolgoy Engineer since 2010. He became Vice President, Technology in 2018. Mr. Shi is known for his hands-on approach to engineering and his dedication to finding efficient and effective engineering solutions.


Yuan Wei

Managing Director

Mrs. Yuan Wei was appointed Managing Director of Yunboshi Technology in 2016. She is responsible for all business aspects in regards to dehumidifiers in China. In 2009 she took on the sales and marketing responsibility for distribution activities in mainland.


Zhou Teng

International Trades Director

Mrs. ZhouTeng was appointed International Trades Director based her excellent overseas humidity-control business in April of 2011.

Mr. Zhou was previously a foreign trades service clerk. During her tenure at International Trades, Mrs. Zhou held increasingly responsible positions in marketing and business leadership.

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