15th Anniversary Celebrating Trip

To celebrate the 15th anniversary of YUNBOSHI Technology, every employee was invited to be a part of an all expense paid trip to Xinchang. Xinchang County is a county in the east-central part of Zhejiang province, administratively under the municipal government of Shaoxing.

15th Anniversary Celebrating Trip

On the first day, we spend a very happy time in Chuanyan Shijiufeng Scenic. It is located in Xinchang County and is one of the most famous place of interest. Chuanyan Shijiufeng Scenic is famous for the brilliant color of their autumn leaves, and these trees can be found growing along streams and mixed in with the evergreen conifers.

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The transparent glass bridge is built on the mountain. The bridge bottom is paved with transparent glass, to give visitors an extremely thrilling feeling and a better perspective of sightseeing. In addition, in the middle of the bridge, there is a view platform.

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On the second day, we went to Tianzhu Lake. We sat on the big boat and took for a tour for the lake. Tianzhu Lake Scenic Spot was a narrow and steep valley many years ago. There are two mountains on both sides of the river. After enjoying Tianzhu Lake, we had fun in a popular waterfall.

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This year is YUNBOSHI Technology’s 15th birthday. During the past 15 years, we have been serving more than 64 countres in different applicaitons. Our industrial humidity control business is thriving and consistently growing with new and repeat LED, LCD and optoelectronics customers. You’ll find  customers in YUNBOSHI who have adopted the humidity control solutions to enable increased productivity and efficiency from its sustainable dehumidifiers.

15th Anniversary Celebrating Trip9

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