Environmental Chamber Sent to Thailand Yesterday


An environmental chamber was sent to Thailand yesterday from YUNBOSHI TECHNOLOGY yesterday afternoon. With Germany Standard, this lab equipment is applicable to raw materials and coatings coating in the adaptability of temperature and humidity environment test.

visual display.

The visual displaying screen tells temperature humidity controlling inside. The door is equipped with large viewing window, indoor lighting installation and can observe the test the test status of the sample. The test chamber has automatic water circulation loop, with the function of automatic filling water. The humidity and temperature test chamber is made of high quality 304 stainless steel mirror plate, shell electrostatic plastic spraying and efficient thermal insulation layer.

Having been providing humidity/temperature solutions for semiconductor and chip manufactures for more than ten years, YUNBOSHI Technology is the leading in humidity and temperature control in China. Being serving its customers for more than 10 years, YUNBOSHI electronic dehumidifiers always receives good commands from customers from American, Asia, Europe customers. The humidity/temperature control and chemical cabinets are well sold in Chinese and worldwide market. The products are widely used for home and industrial use, for example hospital,chemical, laboratory, semiconductor, LED/LCD and other industries and applications.

Post time: Mar-23-2020

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