How to Protect Priceless Paintings in Museums?

July 29th is the 130th anniversary of Van Goghs death and incredibly memorable career. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam houses the largest collection of artworks by Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) in the world. The permanent collection includes over 200 paintings by Vincent van Gogh, 500 drawings and more than 750 letters. The museum also presents exhibitions on various subjects from 19th-century art history.


For the most part, artwork that is hanging in a museum often looks pretty simple: sleek metal or original wooden frames, matted or not, hanging on clean walls. But even though the presentation in a museum is fairly modest, there is a lot more going on to protect these priceless pieces of art from unseen dangers. For museums’ or personal art collection, you must consider the environmental conditions in which you house your artworks to avoid damage to the delicate art paintings.

YUNBOSHI home use dehumidifier

YUNBOSHI Dehumidifier help reduce the risk of damage to your artworks by controlling the humidity level in your home. A stable environment at around 40-60% relative humidity is best for your artworks.YUNBOSHI Dehumidifier keeps the range of humidity within the 20% relative humidity range to help maintain a favorable atmosphere.

Post time: Jul-30-2020

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