Humidity Preventing Tips for Drones for Photography

Unmanned air vehicle (UAV) is one of the black technology that is far more advanced than those of the real world. The use of drones has not been a secret within the military. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have been around for centuries and were solely used for military purposes. Nowadays, they are more and more used in civilian uses.



It is becoming more and more popular to bring with a photography drone when traveling. UAVs are widely used in videos, films, competitions, mappings, monitoring, rescues and polices. Drones have taken the world by storm and there are hundreds of different kinds out on the market.



Professional travel drones are made for the professional photographer who wants to essentially put a DSLR up into the air while they are traveling. They are not compact and they take up a lot of room but the quality is worth it. This is the type of drone professional marketing companies and film makers use. To expend its lifespan, it is important to keep the cameras dry in daily life.

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Condensation forms on your lens when you have dramatic temperature and/or humidity changes and your camera is not protected from the elements. When your gear hits that dramatic change of air, condensation forms while the temperature regulates. Wiping the lens will do nothing but give you streaks you will have to remove from your glass or filter.

The condensation is already there, you just have to let it dissipate naturally. The condensation may cause mold. The only way to clear it is to disassemble.

The drones are one of photographing equipments. It is so annoying when mold occurs. You have to notice the humidity of its storing condition. Don’t let it naked because its lens is allergic to vapors. It is a good choice to keep the drone for photography in YUNBOSHI DRYING cabinet, where the humidity is below 60%.

It has to be considered that if your drones for photography fits the size of the dehumidifier because many people do not want to compact the drones. The YUNBOSHI CMX220C dehumidifier is 185 liters in volume, which can be put with big drones like DJI drones.



Post time: Nov-12-2019

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