The influence on Military Industry Products of Moisture

Military Industry Units and Research Institution

High temperature and moisture make damage to the components and equipment. The damage of damp, mould and metal oxidization cause fault to the equipment.

In addition to the cost of mending and maintenance, moisture affects the affection and quality of equipment.

▷influence on Military Industry Products of Moisture

Most of Ammunition depots are on the ground. In summer, it is dangerous in high temperature and moisture environment.

▷ Metals are the main parts of ammunition

Moisture mainly cause corrosion. High moisture make more electronical rust. Ammunition rust will shorten the life span and even make ejection problems when shooting. Shooting precision will be influenced if bullets are corroded. If corrosion happens to detonators, it may cause reaction and even push safety-catches.

▷ the influence of moisture on gunpowder

When the air is too wet, the ingredients absorb water. It makes difficult lighting and uncompleted combustion. Shooting speed will be slowed and short shooting may happen. At the same time, it speeds hydrolysis and deteriorate. When the moisture is too low, the lighting of ammunition will speed up for the water evaporation. The bore pressure and initial velocity will be high, which affect shooting precision and cause far shooting.

▷ In addition to metal and gunpowderthe ammunition contains wood, paper, cloth, plastic, protective paints and sealing oil agent. They will deteriorate when influenced by moisture, which changes the performance of the ammunition and affects the use and storage.

▶ The Influence on Products for Lab of Moisture

Moisture and dust prevent measures should be taken in daily life for lab test paper, PH measuring machine, samples, medical, powder, temperature and moisture measurement equipments, electronical appliances and metal materials.

Apparatus that are not often used like water quality testing equipment,ion testing instruments and electrometric titration apparatus are easy to be broken down for the damaged of mould, oxidization, rust and improper signal transmission caused by moisture created when apparatus are power-on.

in addition, dust affects heat losing of apparatus. High running temperature will cause short circuit. It is important to put instruments in the environment of proper moisture and temperature and less dust fall even they are not working. Wet environment is essential for components and instruments in military and defense industries.

2 Moisure-preventing Solutions for Military and Defense Industry & Institutions

Moisture and oxidization preventing standard is higher than other industries for military/defense industry and research institutions. A nitrogen dehumidifier can provide a wet space for storing electronic components, precision electronic apparatus, chemical medicine, military inspection optical instruments to prevent moisture and oxidization. How to choose a proper nitrogen dehumidifier from so many brands on the market?

4 Core Technology of YUNBOSHI Nitrogen Dehumidifier

Safe Material

▷ blast resistant glass

double door frame

magnetic sealing strip for fridge-use.

▷ 1.2mm cold rolling sheet steel from BAOSTEEL

argon-arc welding

Oil and rust removing before surface spraying

Outside and inside static free spraying

▷ Layers with punched holes to insure air convection.

▷ Two omni-directional wheels and two with brakes

Fast Humidity-removing and Precious Humidity Control

▷ Controlling Technology: The digital humidity and temperature sensor of YUNBOSHI dehumidifier is of SENSIRION, which is famous for its high accuracy from Switzerland. It measures with superb accuracy and no drift with a typical accuracy of ±3 % RH

▷ Dehumidifying controller: Its drying units are made of high polymer materials and fire-safety PBT. The melting point is 300℃, which avoid melting for instant large current. The imported high-polymer moisture-absorbing material can be recycled. The mainly components of the controller are purchased from famous international enterprises with the advantages of fast moisture-removing, silence, low-power and consumables-free.

▷ The LED display screen on the cabinet is large enough to show the humidity and temperature and ensure 24 hours monitoring. Its adjustment of the the screen covers the measurement range of ±9%RH. The temperature display range is 1-99 degrees and the moisture display range is 1-99%RH.

▷Power-off protection: It ensures the moisture increase less than 10%RH within 24 hours by material substitution when power outage happens. There is no need to reset when the power is on because the system is memorable.

Fast After-sale Service and Verification

You may set the moisture you need through LCD display screen button to realize 24 hours monitoring. It is easy to know the controlling working state by process setting and judge the where fault happens then take measurement. YUNBOSHI TECHNOLOGY owns engineering application experts with much experience to provide customers with continuous technology support through setting up customer archives and periodic communication.

For YUNBOSHI Customer Service, please dial 86-400-066-2279

Wechat: J18962686898

Various Choices

YUNBOSHI provides relevant dehumidifiers according to your different needs.

Tips for Dehumidifiers

20%RH: for optical components, books, calligraphy and paintings

10%RH:for chemistry, medical, metal and food.

5%RH: for good, water utilities, chemicals, electronics manufacturing and enterprises by IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 standards.

2%RH: semiconductors, chips, chemicals, electronics manufacturing and enterprises by IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033 standards.

1%RH: for food, chips, chemicals, electronics manufacturing with nitrogen providing system.

Post time: Jul-19-2019

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