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Wood is an organic material which exchanges moisture with the surrounding air. It swells and contracts depending on it’s moisture content, and it’s moisture level depends directly on the moisture in the surrounding air. This change in shape and size puts tremendous stress on the instrument. When it gets smaller, parts of the instrument like the top are under tension, the perfect condition for the formation of cracks and failure of the joints and seams. When it gets larger, joints and seams can also fail, and at high moisture levels, the resistance of wood to bending and to permanent deformation goes way down. Heat and moisture were used by the maker to bend the ribs on your instrument, so you can understand how excessive moisture can result in permanent distortion of the top and a permanent sagging of the neck height.


Humidity has a huge effect on your violin. When the humidity is less, that can produce cracks on the violin, and on the other hand, high humidity brings in bubbles on the violin varnish. You should keep your violin in a cool dry place, especially if it is a collectible violin, you may need to keep it in a humidity controlled cabinet.


To protect your violin from humidity damage, you need YUNBOSHI humidifier. We have developed a dedicated product for violins using an advanced technology. This innovative product allows you to keep the correct relative humidity range for your violin in the simplest way possible and addresses all the possible concerns and complaints we have heard from professional violinists about usual violin humidifier.




Music Humidity Control Pack, as opposed to a normal violin humidifiers, protects your wood musical instrument from both high and low RH because it’s able to release or adsorb moisture depending on the level relative humidity.

Post time: Dec-24-2019

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