YUNBOSHI Drying Cabinet with Forced Air Circulation

YUNBOSHI Drying Cabinet with forced air circulation (fan) is specially designed for temperature and moisture control. Located in the top part of the cabinet, the control panel shows temperature and moisture in touch-capable area. You can reach all important data in the cabinets with simple clicks. 


Manufacturing humidity control drying cabinets for moisture sensitive materials, YUNBOSHI is leading in humidity and temperature control solutions. Our dry cabinet is used to protect products from moisture & humidity related damages such as mildew, fungus, mold, rust, oxidation, and warping. YUNBOSHI TECHNOLOGY focuses on the research and development of its humidity control technologies for a range of markets in pharmaceutical, electronic, semiconductor and packaging. Any needs about humidity control, please feel free to contact us. Our industrial humidity control business is thriving and consistently growing with new and repeat LED, LCD and optoelectronics customers. Below, you’ll find locations of YUNBOSHI customers who have adopted the humidity control solutions to enable increased productivity and efficiency from its sustainable dehumidifiers.

Post time: Jan-08-2022