YUNBOSHI Job Performance Review for April

On April, 30th. YUNBOSHI Technology held a job performances review.  Everyone has made full preparation because we keeps daily or weekly work journal We shows our success as well as our shorts during the meeting. At the end of the review, any colleague may ask a question about your performance or how you could improve our work.

The general manager of YUNBOSHI Technology says this review meeting is an opportunity for communication and complaint.

Having been providing humidity and temperature solutions for semiconductor and chip manufactures for more than ten years, the business of YUNBOSHI Technology has not been much influenced by the COVID-19. Our foreign customers of YUNBOSHI from European and Asian countries still purchase our products. The humidity/temperature control and chemical cabinets are well sold in Chinese and worldwide market. The products are widely used for home and industrial use, for example hospital,chemical, laboratory, semiconductor, LED/LCD and other industries and applications. Since COVID-19 happens, YUNBOSHI has launched preventing and protecting products like soap dispensers, face masks and chemical cabinets.


Post time: Nov-20-2023