2004 Company Establishment

Established in the year of 2004, Kunshan Yunboshi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing humidity control solutions. The drying cabinets produced by Yunboshi totally relied on its own technology research and development.


2006 Technology Research and Development

Along with the business management training, the company further drive technology by focusing on microcontroller research and development. The goal is to develop meaningful solutions to the challenges of today and help store products for the benefit of everyone.


2009 E-commerce and Internet of Things

Customer relationship management (CRM) system is applied in 2009 and made Yunboshi succeed in the network of things realization. The integrated, automated CRM system managed Yunboshi’s interactions with new, existing and future customers. It enables the company to access the information we need when we want it and to gain a 360 view of our customers by combining the efficiencies of information technology with the strength of human resources.


2011 Company Culture Building

Company culture is the personality of a company. It defines the environment in which employees work. Company culture is important to employers too because workers who fit in with the company culture are likely to not only be happier, but more productive. When an employee fits in with the culture, they are also likely to want to work for that company for longer. Thus, employers can improve productivity and employee retention through a strong office culture. Yunboshi is to be built a company that is an army, a school, and a family for every employee.


2012 Gusu Chamber of Commerce

In the year 2012, Yunboshi was elected Executive Deputy President of Gusu Chamber of Commerce (the best chamber within Shanghai/Jiangsu/Anhui Area). Mr Jin Song, the President of Yunboshi Technology, won the Second Prize of E-commerce Lecturer ( within Shanghai/Jiangsu/Anhui Area). since then, Mr. Jin has made more than 100 lectures covering the area of Zhejiang/Jiangsu/Anhui/Guangdong provinces, Shanghai, and northern cities. His audience is more than 100000 persons.


2015 Kunshan Cross-border E-commerce Association

Yunboshi Technology is a leading humidity control engineering business built on ten-year of drying technology development. It is now undergoing a period of increased investment and expansion of its product offering. In the year of 2005, Mr. Jinsong was invited to Taiwan, to give lectures to Taiwan entrepreneurs. With the advent of globalization and the Cloud Era, Cross-border E-commerce is to set to shape future trading patterns. Kunshan Cross-border E-commerce Association was founded and Mr. Jin was selected as President.


2018 Cross-border E-commerce Service

To integrate the resources of the industry and manufactures to pave the way for global outreach and new business opportunities, a E-Commerce service company was set by Mr. Jin. The company aims to provide E-Commerce consults and training. To help customers cope with global challenges, it will provide assistance in industrial upgrading, specialization, expansion and technology of scale. In so doing, the company takes the helm in providing top notch services as one of the finest and most influential organizations to bring about economic growth and prosperity.