Laboratory Dessicator Cabinets for Critical Low-humidity Requirements

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Electronic mateirlas for semiconductor industry need to be stored in sealed cabinets such as electronic dehumidifying cabinets. Laboratory Dessicator Cabinets for Critical Low-humidity Requirements. As a famous high precision materials storage dry box factory in humidity and temperature control industry, YUNBOSHI TECHNOLOGY is committed to integrated industrial level electronic desiccator cabinets manufacturing for more than 18 years. We provide temperature and humidity control solutions for semiconductor factories, media, broadcasting, laboratories, musicals schools, photography, medicine, hospitals, research semiconductor, LED, photovoltaic moisture proof for MSD(moisture-sensitive device) to prevent moisture damage.Our high precision devices storage desiccator cabinets for optical instruments, ancient collections, guitars, violins, cameras, spectrometer and microscopes are not popular in China, they are also exported to North Ameriaca, South America, Europe, South Asia and Africa users. Laboratory Dessicator Cabinets for Critical Low-humidity Requirements. The outstanding dehumidifying equipment are popular with orchestras, labs, hospitals, research centers,universities, integrated circuit, semiconductor, pharmacy industries for MSD(moisture sensitive devices). The cabinets are equipped with adjustable drawer shelves for different height need. We also provide desiccator cabinets OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturer)and customized services for worldwide customers. Laboratory Dessicator Cabinets for Critical Low-humidity Requirements. 

Size:W415*D409*H790mm,W1000*D480*H1100mm,W600*D700*H1885mm,W600*D700*H1276mm, W880*D450*H935mm, W440*D450*H935mm, W440*D450*H688mm, W1200*D700*H1885mm

Humidity: ultra-low dry cabinet, lower and faster dehumidifying, 10%RH below, 10-40%RH, 40-60%RH

Capacity: 1000-2000L, 500-900L, 200-490L, 100-190L, 90L or smaller

Material: Steel, Stainless steel, Transparentacrylic 

ESD safe: Required or not

Post time: Nov-16-2023